How to Plant Asparagus

A very popular flowering plant known to have high amounts of vitamins and nutrients is known as Asparagus Officinalis. This species is widely appreciated in areas like Europe, Western Asia, and North America. Asparagus is considered a healthy fruit to eat as it contains low sodium and caloric content. The plant is also known to be highly rich in potassium, rutin, folic acid, and dietary fiber. If you want a constant supply of this plant, then it is essential that you learn how to grow asparagus. We provide help in the form of instructions as to how to cultivate this vegetable.

What type of materials will you need?

The materials required for planting this vegetable are all the common ones like manure for the soil, compost, shovel, and watering cans. But a major requirement for planting this vegetable is a having a good number of asparagus crowns. This will ensure an ample supply of this vegetable. Soil moisture can be enhanced by using fertilizers and pesticides.

Steps for planting Asparagus

1- Select a portion receiving full sunlight in your backyard.
2- Asparagus ferns are large enough to shade other plants. Hence you must make sure that the plants needing full sunlight are nowhere near the Asparagus plant.
3- Make a trench of measurement one foot deep and one foot wide for planting in the soil.
4- Leave a minimum space of five feet between all the trenches if you decide to make more than a single trench.

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