Healthy Eating – Four Reasons To Eat Asparagus

One vegetable overlooked far too often and not included in any meal plans, is asparagus. But if you want good health, this green asparagus will give you there. Asparagus may seem rather bland and boring but do not be misled. There are some great tasting ways you can prepare it so it becomes a regular part of your menu. Why eat asparagus? Let’s look at the biggest reasons to consider including this in your weekly meal plan…

Healthy Eating - Four Reasons To Eat Asparagus
  1. Diuretic Properties. First, one great fact about asparagus is it acts as a diuretic in the body so by eating it; you will help to flush out some of the excess water retentions you are experiencing.

This is ideal because water retention can progress and lead to feelings of bloat and also help make you feel less confident about your body. Many people, in fact, mistake water retention for fat gain, so it can get you down if you happen to be dieting as well.

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