About Me Hello and hello! I am Fayed, a certified food professional and a certified culinary professional. I am also a culinary school graduate and a professor in my heart. Gavin use in the kitchen I love nothing more than uncovering the science behind better, healthier cooking and sharing this knowledge with my readers. Little background I grew up in the cool cities of the USA, it is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines, and it has embraced my curiosity and appreciation for food. My fondest memories consisted of weekend visits to Chinatown in Auckland with family to buy fresh vegetables, grilled meats and special pink bakery boxes loaded with Chinese sweets. From a very young age, I noticed how food was able to bring people together and create bonds – I knew food would have a very important role in my life. Education My passion for studying food science led me to my BA and MA in college. During my studies, I learned about food technology and how to “farm-to-fork” food delivery, with a focus on providing safe and healthy food and consumer understanding. Master of Agriculture – Applied Arts, Bachelor of Food Science -, Associate Degree in Culinary Arts – Institute of Arts takes a photo of food Professional career After college, I worked in the field of developing nutritional products. I was a senior research worker with more than 10 years developing healthy foods, beverages and baby products for people all over the world . Cooking school Hungry to continue learning about different aspects of food, I studied culinary arts while working full time. In culinary school, I learned how to combine my knowledge of food science and the products I produce in each class. I finally managed to demystify some of my cooking concerns and learned how to properly prepare some of my favorite foods. My Food Blog Launched in 2012, I enjoy developing and sharing recipes in my home test kitchen where I can infuse knowledge of food science into every recipe. I love the challenge of creating eye-catching dishes while maintaining product quality and balancing flavors. Publishing The Easy Cooking Science To Cook A Better (Cookbook) Featured interviews Cook it well Bff with Chef Science meets food Eat talking blog Pro Food Blog Podcast clip Hungry box My food job Gavin Scholarships You read that right! I’ve been lucky in my career to have been mentored by some great masters and now I’m pushing it forward. My passion for food science has led me to learn a lot. Supporting future professionals in our industry is one of my greatest rewards. I encourage all currently active college students to apply! my family Me and my wife Zainab and my son Imad! In the book store I currently live in Yemen with my wife Zainab and my two children Imad. When not in the kitchen, I would probably be looking for the world’s best and most buttery croissant. Health may be the norm in my home, but who not like the exception of the rule If you have any questions or comments for me, you can visit the FAQ page or contact me using the contact page. Also, if you are interested in knowing where to display my recipes online, check out my media page sites. thanks for your visit!

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